How close are we to curing HIV/AIDS?

Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

Website: How Close Are We? Facebook Page, San Francisco, USA

Description: SANTHE Programme Director, Professor Thumbi Ndung'u, features in this mini documentary which explores the elusive cure for HIV. How close are we to a vaccine/cure? How far have we come in HIV/AIDS research? What technology has led to this breakthrough?

The video was produced in San Francisco, USA by Seeker, which is owned by the media giant, Group Nine. Seeker produces short-documentaries, hosted explainers and virtual reality experiences, to enlighten its audience through a scientific lens. Its viewer base is mostly people between the ages 18-35. The videos are distributed online via the website, Seeker's YouTube channel, and its Facebook page, as well as throughout Group Nine’s digital platforms that receive 4 billion views a month and have over 30 million YouTube subscribers.

"How close are we to the Cure for HIV/AIDS?" is the first episode in a new series highlighting break-throughs in Science. This series will run on Facebook's new video channel (How Close Are We?) and on