Preparation: Course Application with Travel Scholarship Option

Prepare before you start your application

This page aims to give you a clear overview of what must be prepared before starting your application.

What will the application require?

  • Capture of information including personal details, mentor/supervisor details, educational background and work experience
  • A motivation for attendance
  • A travel budget plus justification (if you choose to simultaneously apply for a travel scholarship to attend the course)
  • The uploading of your CV and letters of recommendation (two if you are applying for the course only/three if you are applying for the course plus travel scholarship – with at least one being from your current mentor in both cases)
  • An acknowledgement of agreement

Be ready to provide

  • Answers to Questions
  • Files for upload


Download Budget spreadsheet (Travel Scholarships only)

You will need this to prepare and submit your Budget plan.

[Download Budget Template]

Start application here

[Link to Start of Form]