Preparation for Position Application

Prepare before you start your application

This page aims to give you a clear overview of what must be prepared before starting your application.

What will the application require?

  • Capture of information including personal details, mentor/supervisor details, educational background and work experience
  • A motivation/covering letter for your application
  • The uploading of your CV, your academic transcripts, and 3 x letters of recommendation (with at least one being from your current mentor). Please ensure there are no foreign characters in your file names (e.g. ' " ?/\ ! etc), only include alphanumeric characters, dashes, underscores or a dot for the file type e.g. .pdf

Be ready to provide

  • Answers to questions (if some questions are not applicable to you, please write "n/a" in the form field to allow you to continue with your application)
  • Files for upload

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