HIV-1 subtype C infection

HIV-1 DNA Sequence Diversity and Evolution during Acute Subtype C Infection

Nature Communications | Vol.273 Issue 10

  • Guinevere Q. Lee, Kavidha Reddy, Kevin B. Einkauf, Kamini Gounder, Joshua M. Chevalier, Krista L. Dong, Bruce D. Walker, Xu G. Yu, Thumbi Ndung’u,Mathias Lichterfeld

Cytomegalovirus Viremia in HIV-1 Subtype C Positive Women at Delivery in Botswana, and Adverse Birth / Infant Health Outcomes

Journal of AIDS | Vol. 81 Issue 1 Pages 118-124

  • Natasha Onalenna Moraka, Sikhulile Moyo, Gloria Mayondi, Jean Leidner, Maryanne Ibrahim, Christiana Smith, Adriana Weinberg, Shaobing Li, Prisca Kerapetse Thami, Betsy Kammerer, Gbolahan Ajibola, Rosemary Musonda, Roger Shapiro, Simani Gaseitsiwe
  • Shahin Lockman

Individuals with HIV-1 subtype C infection and cryptococcal meningitis exhibit viral genetic intermixing of HIV-1 between plasma and cerebrospinal fluid, and a high prevalence of CXCR4-using variants

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses | Vol.0 Issue JA

  • Sojane K
  • Kangethe RT
  • Chang CC
  • Moosa MY
  • Lewin SR
  • French MA
  • Ndung'u T