Understanding contraceptive uptake and choice post-vaccine education session, for a hiv efficacy trial among high risk women at two RZHRG sites in Zambia

Sub-Saharan Africa is a priority region for HIV vaccine efficacy trials because of the relatively high burden of HIV, particularly among young women. There is a perceived potential harm by candidate...
University of London, London, UK

Chishiba Kabengele obtained his Bachelor’s degrees in Human Biology and Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zambia.

HIV testing and treatment cascade among female sex workers in Kigali, Rwanda

Female Sex Workers (FSW) are at high risk for HIV and are known to have poor health seeking behaviour. Tuyishime’s study describes the HIV testing and treatment cascade among FSW in Rwanda. Since...

Molecular epidemiology and evolution of HIV-1 in Zambia between 2006 and 2018

HIV-1 is the main form of HIV that plagues Sub-Saharan Africa. Strains can be categorised into groups with group M being the predominant circulating group accounting for over 90% of HIV-1 infections...

Vernon Musale obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science from the Adventist University of the Philippines. He initially chose to pursue a career in the health sector because he wanted to understand the pathogenesis of various diseases.

Stellenbosch University, Western Cape, South Africa

Natasha Onalenna Moraka is currently pursuing her Masters in Medical Virology at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

Behavioral Disinhibition and risk compensation with pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) use among MSM in Kenya

The objective of Ombati’s project is to determine whether PrEP use among MSM may lead to neglect of traditional risk reduction practices through behavioural disinhibition or risk compensation. Pre-...

Investigation of in vitro Vpu function across major HIV-1 group M subtypes

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 78 million people have become infected with HIV and 35 million people died from AIDS-related illness. Although the number of new HIV infections has been reduced...
Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada

Gisele Umviligihozo has a BSc in Biological Sciences from the National Univeristy of Rwanda and a post graduate certificate from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.

Barriers and facilitators to PrEP uptake and adherence among men who have sex with men at Mtwapa, Kenya

Kenya has recently launched Pre-Exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for individuals at high risk of HIV acquisition following strong recommendations by WHO in 2015. Mwashigadi’s research project seeks to...