The effect of viral fitness on disease progression and immune activation among subtypes A,D and A/D acutely infected Ugandans

Kapaata is interested in HIV cure from the aspect of understanding the replicative fitness of the transmitted/founder virus during the acute phase of HIV-1 infection.


Anne Kapaata has always been interested in saving lives through science. Motivated by a father who was a laboratory scientist, she did her BSc in Biomedical Laboratory technology and later advanced with a Master of Science in biomedical laboratory science and management.

Understanding and Intervening Against HIV-associated Tuberculosis

This study will evaluate already identified markers of TB disease progression and also identify new markers of TB disease progression from latent to active TB in HIV co-infected patients on cART in

Multivariate analysis of Longitudinal Data in the Presence of Non-Ignorable Missing Values

HIV and AIDS remain a challenge globally, regionally and locally.

Virological, Immunological and Clinical responses to a Dolutegravir based first line combination Antiretroviral Therapy regimen in ART naïve HIV-1 C infected patients in Botswana enrolled in the “Test and Treat all” programme

The Botswana government has recently introduced Dolutegravir to be used as the first line “backbone” anti-retroviral drug in the treatment of HIV infection in a national HIV treatment programme.

Genetic Diversity and Population Structure in Botswana: Association with HIV-1 Subtype C Infection

In this project Thami is computationally surveying human genome sequences of HIV negative and positive Batswana to catalogue genetic variations in the Botswana population.

Evaluating the role of early HIV-specific T and B cell interactions in predetermining downstream antibody function.

A small proportion of HIV-1 infected persons develop broadly neutralising antibodies (bNABs) after years of infection.

A Novel Screening Programme to Detect Acute and Prevalent HIV: Tambua Mapema Plus

This project will assess the impact of an HIV screening, partner notification, and immediate ART intervention in 1,500 adult patients aged 18-39 years who seek care for urgent symptoms at primary c

Acute HIV infection and the care continuum of key populations in coastal Kenya

Previously, it was found that Key Populations (KP) lack information on the benefits of HIV testing and antiretroviral treatment (ART), or on signs and symptoms of acute HIV infection (AHI).

Trafficking, phenotype and function of CD8 T cells in the lymphoid tissues during HIV-1 subtype C infection

Ogunshola is interested in investigating the induction of adaptive immunity against HIV.