• Contributing to equality in science by practising inclusive behaviours

  • Strengthening partner institutions for intellectual and financial independence through strong governance structures

  • Delivering outstanding scientific mentorship within cutting-edge TB and HIV research programmes

  • Collaborating with multidisciplinary experts from basic and translational, to clinical and social scientists

  • Offering diverse and innovative knowledge and skills-building short courses

  • Training the next generation of scientific leaders in Africa

  • Exchanging knowledge with local communities to ensure meaningful translational research and public health

  • Facilitating visibility of African scientists

  • Co-creating messages with sectors of the public to dispel mass information and inform research

  • Enhancing research on HIV, TB and associated morbidities

We are a Sub-Saharan African network of African-led research in HIV (particularly acute HIV (AHI)) and Tuberculosis (TB) infection

We aim to shape and drive locally relevant basic, clinical and translational research in Africa.