High prevalence of pre-treatment and acquired HIV-1 drug resistance mutations among non-citizens living with HIV in Botswana

Front Microbiol

This article explores the prevalence of drug resistance mutations in HIV-1 among non-citizens living with HIV in Botswana, both before starting treatment and after treatment initiation. The study found a high prevalence of these mutations in non-citizens, indicating that resistance to HIV medications was common even before treatment began. Additionally, some individuals acquired resistance mutations after starting treatment. These findings underscore the importance of ongoing monitoring and surveillance of drug resistance in HIV treatment programs, especially in diverse populations like non-citizens, to ensure effective management of the virus and prevent treatment failure.

SANTHE is an Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) flagship programme funded by the Science for Africa Foundation through the DELTAS Africa programme; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Gilead Sciences Inc.; and the Ragon Institute of Mass General, MIT, and Harvard.