Daniel Muema

SANTHE Scientific Innovation Awardee

Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI), University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya


Signature of long-lived HIV-specific memory B-cell lineages

Collaboration Interests
  • Assessment of antibody responses to candidate vaccines across all infectious diseases

Daniel Muli Muema completed his PhD training at Open University UK in collaboration with University of Liverpool and Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP). Having previously described the defects of B cells in HIV-infected children during his PhD, he moved to AHRI to pursue post-doctoral training where he investigated the causes and consequences of such B-cell defects in people who are living with HIV. He later relocated back to Kenya to establish a research group at the Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI) Institute of Clinical Research, University of Nairobi, where he has continued his work on understanding B-cell responses that can be induced with vaccines to protect people against HIV infections. Muema is interested in HIV research because, “Firstly, I like the creation of new knowledge and secondly, I like being part of a solution, especially when it comes to the most pressing problems in our society. HIV is a major problem in Sub-Saharan Africa. I am lucky to be solving our health problems by engaging in the activity that I like most – creation of novel knowledge.”

SANTHE is an Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) flagship programme funded by the Science for Africa Foundation through the DELTAS Africa programme; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Gilead Sciences Inc.; and the Ragon Institute of Mass General, MIT, and Harvard.