Dr Andrea Papadopoulos

SANTHE Post-doctoral Fellow

Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI), Durban, South Africa


Multi-site characterisation of T cell responses to COVID-19 vaccination in people living with HIV

Collaboration Interests
  • COVID-19 immunology
  • HIV clinical studies
  • Human tissue imaging and spatial biology

Andrea Papadopoulos is a South African-born and educated researcher. She is currently performing immunology research in the context of HIV and COVID-19 and co-supervises a Master’s candidate. Before joining the Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI), she gained six years’ of experience in tuberculosis (TB) molecular biology, working as a research assistant and completed her PhD at the Center of Excellence for Biomedical TB Research at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa. Also at Wits, she earned a MSc (Med) exploring a concept for HIV viral load point-of-care testing, for which she was acknowledged as a Wits First Time Inventor, disclosing a provisional patent application alongside her supervisors. Prior to this, she studied a BSc in Microbiology and Biochemistry, followed by a BSc (Hons) in Molecular Medicine and Haematology. Her subject and research project choices have always been guided by a keen interest in HIV and TB – two of Africa’s most fundamental health challenges prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, one of the main focuses of her post-doctoral research is understanding how the immune system of people living with HIV interacts with current COVID-19 vaccines, to understand how COVID-19 vaccine design can be better suited to this population.

SANTHE is an Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) flagship programme funded by the Science for Africa Foundation through the DELTAS Africa programme; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Gilead Sciences Inc.; and the Ragon Institute of Mass General, MIT, and Harvard.