Development of a Versatile, Near Full Genome Amplification and Sequencing Approach for a Broad Variety of HIV-1 Group M Variants

Viruses | Vol.11 Issue 4

  • Banin AN, Tuen M, Bimela JS, Tongo M, Zappile P, Khodadadi-Jamayran A, Nanfack AJ, Meli J, Wang X, Mbanya D, Ngogang J, Heguy A, Nyambi PN, Fokunang C, Duerr R

Patterns of genomic site inheritance in HIV-1M inter-subtype recombinants delineate the most likely genomic sites of subtype-specific adaption

Virus Evolution | Vol.11 Issue 4

  • Tongo Marcel, de Oliveira Tulio, Martin Darren P.

Complex Subtype Diversity of HIV-1 Among Drug Users in Major Kenyan Cities

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses | Vol.33 Issue 5

  • Gounder K.
  • Oyaro M.
  • Padayachi N.
  • Zulu T.M.
  • de Oliveira T.
  • Wylie J.

Unravelling the complicated evolutionary and dissemination history of HIV-1M subtype A lineages

Virus Evolution | Vol.4 Issue 1

  • Marcel Tongo
  • Gordon W. Harkins
  • Jeffrey R. Dorfman
  • Erik Billings
  • Sodsai Tovanabutra
  • Tulio de Oliveira
  • Darren P. Martin