A FRESH approach: Combining basic science and social good

Science Immunology | Vol.3 Issue 27

  • Thumbi Ndung’u, Krista L. Dong, Douglas S. Kwon and Bruce D. Walker

Detection and treatment of Fiebig stage I HIV-1 infection in young at-risk women in South Africa: a prospective cohort study

The Lancet HIV | Vol.5 No.1, Pages e35-e44

  • Dong K.L.
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  • Muema D.M.
  • Pretorius K.
  • Lin N.
  • Walker B.D.
  • Ndung'u T.

Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Bottleneck Selects for Consensus Virus with Lower Gag-Protease-Driven Replication Capacity

American Society for Microbiology Journal of Virology | Vol.91 Issue 17

  • Naidoo V.L.
  • Mann J.K.
  • Noble C.
  • Adland E.
  • Carlson J.M.
  • Thomas J.
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