Full SANTHE Publication List

  • January, 2018

    Unravelling the complicated evolutionary and dissemination history of HIV-1M subtype A lineages

    Virus Evolution | Vol.4 Issue 1

    Marcel Tongo, Gordon W. Harkins, Jeffrey R. Dorfman, Erik Billings, Sodsai Tovanabutra, Tulio de Oliveira, Darren P. Martin
  • November, 2017

    Prevalence of oncogenic Human Papillomavirus genotypes in patients diagnosed with anogenital malignancies in Botswana

    BioMedCentral Journal of Infectious Diseases | Vol.17

    Patricia Rantshabeng, Sikhulile Moyo, Natasha O. Moraka, Andrew Ndlovu, Iain J. MacLeod, Simani Gaseitsiwe, Ishmael Kasvosve
  • October, 2017

    Plasma But Not Cerebrospinal Fluid Interleukin 7 and Interleukin 5 Levels Pre-Antiretroviral Therapy Commencement Predict Cryptococcosis-Associated Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome

    Clinical Infectious Diseases | Vol.65 Issue 9, Pages 1551-1559

    Akilimali N.A., Chang C.C., Muema D.M., Reddy T., Moosa M.S., Lewin S.R., French M.A., Ndung'u T.
  • September, 2017

    Cellular Architecture of Spinal Granulomas and the Immunological Response in Tuberculosis Patients Coinfected with HIV

    Frontiers in Immunology | Vol.8

    Bhattacharya D, Danaviah S , Muema DM , Akilimali NA , Moodley P, Ndung'u T, Das G
  • September, 2017

    Plasma CXCL13 but Not B Cell Frequencies in Acute HIV Infection Predicts Emergence of Cross-Neutralizing Antibodies

    Frontiers in Immunology | Vol.8

    Mabuka J.M., Dugast A.S. , Muema D.M., Reddy T., Ramlakhan Y., Euler Z., Ismail N., Moodley A., Dong K.L., Morris L., Walker B.D., Alter G., Ndung'u T.
  • August, 2017

    Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Bottleneck Selects for Consensus Virus with Lower Gag-Protease-Driven Replication Capacity

    American Society for Microbiology Journal of Virology | Vol.91 Issue 17

    Naidoo V.L., Mann J.K., Noble C., Adland E., Carlson J.M., Thomas J., Brumme C.J., Thobakgale-Tshabalala C.F., Brumme Z.L., Brockman M.A., Goulder P.J.R., Ndung'u T.
  • June, 2017

    Subtype-Specific Differences in Gag-Protease-Driven Replication Capacity Are Consistent with Intersubtype Differences in HIV-1 Disease Progression

    American Society for Microbiology Journal of Virology | Vol.91 Issue 13

    Marion W. Kiguoya, Jaclyn K. Mann, Denis Chopera, Kamini Gounder, Guinevere Q. Lee , Peter W. Hunt, Jeffrey N. Martin, T. Blake Ball, Joshua Kimani , Zabrina L. Brumme, Mark A. Brockman, Thumbi Ndung'u
  • March, 2017

    Complex Subtype Diversity of HIV-1 Among Drug Users in Major Kenyan Cities

    AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses | Vol.33 Issue 5

    Gounder K., Oyaro M., Padayachi N., Zulu T.M., de Oliveira T., Wylie J.
  • January, 2017

    Immunological non-response and low hemoglobin levels are predictors of incident tuberculosis among HIV-infected individuals on Truvada-based therapy in Botswana

    Plos One

    Lucy Mupfumi, Sikhulile Moyo, Kesaobaka Molebatsi, Prisca K. Thami, Motswedi Anderson, Tuelo Mogashoa, Thato Iketleng, Joseph Makhema, Ric Marlink, Ishmael Kasvosve, Max Essex, Rosemary M. Musonda, Simani Gaseitsiwe