We are a Sub-Saharan African network of African-led research in HIV (particularly acute HIV (AHI)) and Tuberculosis (TB) infection. We aim to shape and drive locally relevant basic, clinical and translational research in Africa.

Our programme strategy targets 4 main areas:

  • A cutting edge HIV and TB research programme.
  • An innovative training and capacity building programme.
  • The facilitation of a strong institutional network for research excellence as a pathway to intellectual and financial independence for African researchers and their institutions.
  • Community engagement to ensure meaningful translational research and public health and community impact.

Our Network aims to strengthen South-South partnerships, create enabling environments for excellence in research in Africa and train the next-generation leaders of African science. This consortium is specifically focused on HIV and TB as this ‘syndemic’ is a public health crisis in Africa that requires the full weight of basic science, translational/clinical research, and political and social mobilisation.