University Of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda

Based in Kigali, the University of Rwanda was formed in 2013 through the merger of Rwanda's previously independent public institutions of higher education, the largest of which was the National University of Rwanda.

Its mission is to support the development of Rwanda by discovering and advancing knowledge, committing to the highest standards of academic excellence, and preparing students for solution-driven lives of service and leadership.

The institution aims to: develop interdisciplinary, problem-based academic programmes aligned with Rwanda's development needs; integrate IT-based resources from around the world; ensure students have the leadership, entrepreneurship and management skills needed to create employment; prepare students for service to their communities and country through applied service learning programmes nationally and internationally; create applied, evidence-driven, research centres focused on problem solving, aligned with Rwanda's development needs; and develop continuous education programmes for upgrading skills and knowledge.

The School of Public Health, part of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, employs six PhD-level and six Masters-level faculty, as well as five research assistants and delivers a large number of degree programmes. The university leadership plans to increase the proportion of academic staff holding doctoral degrees from 20 per cent to 60 per cent by 2024.