Global Health Travel Award

Scholarship to attend the Keystone Symposia Conference C9: HIV Vaccines, 26-30 March 2017, Steamboat Springs, Co, USA.
Global Health Travel
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Funsho Ogunshola

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Funsho Ogunshola completed his first degree, a B.Tech (Medical Biochemistry), in Nigeria. He has always been interested in being an immunologist - to know how the immune system is so organised as to curtail diverse pathogens that we are exposed to on a daily basis. After his B.Tech, he decided to apply for BSc (honours) degree in Medical Microbiology at the University of Venda, South Africa. It was at this time that he took an interest in HIV research. He is interested in understanding how HIV interacts with the immune system and what has been the barrier for the immune system to curtail HIV replication. He hopes that the findings from his ongoing studies will move the field one or two steps forward to HIV cure.

Ogunshola's future plan is to be a researcher/lecturer. "In as much as I want to be an active researcher, I would also like to be involved in mentoring students," he says.

His current research project looks at the induction of adaptive immunity against HIV. His study is focused on understanding how CD8+ T cells are primed during early HIV infection and how the primed CD8+ T cells can be sustained over the course of infection. The goal of his study is to identify immune parameters that can be harnessed to sustain T cell immunity against HIV infection, which can be translational to the development of a T cell based vaccine.